Feed The Bees Plantable Hexagons

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Feed the bees with these plantable paper hexagons packed full of bee-friendly wildflower seeds!

Each of the 24 varieties of native wildflower seeds we have used in this paper feature on the Royal Horticultural Society's list of 'Plants for Pollinators'.

Each hexagon features one of our hand drawn bee illustrations, stamped with vegan-friendly black ink.

Available in sets of 10, 20 and 50 hexagons, or choose our 'party packs' for individual mini sets of 2. 

The non-invasive seeds we have used in our wildflower paper are:

Common Agrimony 1%, Borage 7%, Wild Clary 4%, Red clover 3%, White clover 1%, Corn cockle 8%, Cornflower 6%, Ox-eye daisy 5%, Wild Foxglove 3%, Common Knapweed 6%, Greater Knapweed 5%, Purple loosestrife 1%, Wild Marjoram 1%, Meadow Cranesbil 1%, Musk mallow 5%, Common Poppy 5%, Ragged robin 2%, Sainfoin 7%, Field Scabious 7%, Small Scabious 3%, Teasel 1%, Bird's-foot trefoil 2%, Kidney vetch 2%, Viper's bugloss 2%, Yarrow 5%, Yellow Rattle 7%.