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Ruby and Bo

Sunflowers for Ukraine (10 Packs)

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Packets of sunflower seeds.. available in sets of 10 for fundraising efforts and group gifting.

As with our Grow Love, Not War hearts, all the proceeds from the sale of these seeds will go directly to the Red Cross - Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine. They represent hope. They are a physical reminder to look for the sun through the clouds. Just like sunflowers do.

We created these seed packets as a free giveaway with every order.. but were inundated with requests to sell them.. and so we are. These were never meant to be a product for sale and so the packaging is.. minimal! But with our donations from the sales, coupled with your donations from your resale-fundraising-efforts, we don't think that matters. There are far bigger things to worry about in the world right now.. so we hope you like them and we hope they bloom beautifully for Ukraine, and for peace.

Each pack contains approx 15 seeds.

Our Sunflower Seed Planting Guide is HERE