The gift that gives back

We design and create plantable cards and eco-friendly stationery using biodegradable materials sourced sustainably and locally. When you buy a Ruby & Bo card, you are directly supporting and sustaining the endangered craft of papermaking in this country.

Our cards feed the bees, our ribbon cleans seas, and our brand plants trees.

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How does plantable paper work?

Busy Bee Plantable Notebook
  • 100% British Made

    Our plantable paper is handmade here in Britain, using a traditional deckle and mould. It is made in small batches and hung to dry in the rafters of the mill to maximise germination rates.

  • Perfect for Pollinators

    The seeds we use in our paper have been specifically mixed to support bees and other pollinators. This is why we proudly carry the RHS 'Plants for Pollinators' badge on our products.

  • Seedlings Guaranteed!

    We are so blooming confident in the quality of our products that we apply a 'seedling guarantee' to every single plantable item we sell. See our guarantee page for more details.