How to Plant

If you follow the instructions in this video you should see seedlings within 2-3 weeks, but here are some top growing tips:

Plant within 18 months

It is best to plant all of our seed paper products within 18 months. After this time the paper will still sprout, but the germination rate will begin to decline. In addition, try and store your plantable paper products in dry and cool conditions, as heat and humidity can also affect the viability of the seeds.

Soak the paper before planting

The paper will germinate planted dry and followed with a good water, but alternatively, you can hold the paper under a cold tap for a few seconds before planting to ensure the seeds get off to a good start!

Water regularly

The paper needs to be kept moist until the seeds have germinated. This softens the paper and helps the tiny seedlings break through. Do not make the mistake of 'over-watering' them though, the paper should be damp, not swimming!

Do not plant the paper too deep

The paper needs to be covered with a thin layer of soil - approx 5mm. If planted too deep the seeds may remain dormant.

Plant in a pot

Start the seedlings in a pot and only transfer outside (or re-pot inside) when they are fully established.

Good things come to those who wait :)

Our wildflower paper contains a mix of both annual and perennial species. If planted early in the Spring, the annual species will bloom later the same year. If the paper is planted later in the season, the annuals will not bloom until the following year. The majority of the seeds we use are perennials and these will not flower until the year after they have been planted. Be patient if you can only see green for what seems like ages, there is no rushing Mother Nature and the flowers will bloom eventually.