Every Order Plants a Tree

Every time a customer places an order with us, we plant a tree. 
One order = one tree. Click HERE to visit our forest :)

Ruby & Bo are committed to creating products that are ethical and sustainable without compromising quality, value or design.

It is important to us that we run our business in the same way – Our studio is powered by renewable energy, our packaging options are 100% plastic free and our materials are sustainably sourced using local suppliers and artisans.

When we launched in July 2019, we immediately looked for an opportunity to ‘give back’. We know that one of the ways to tackle climate change and to offset our carbon footprint, is to plant trees. Lots and lots of trees. But there are many other eco-initiatives too, and some of these require enormous funding, co-ordination, and networks well outside of our remit.

When we stumbled across Ecologi we knew we wanted to be involved.

Every month Ruby & Bo invest with Ecologi and they use the money to fund eco-projects across the globe that remove more greenhouse gases than our company creates. That makes us carbon positive! And we have a badge to prove it on our website!

Not only that, but in addition to offsetting our own carbon footprints, we also donate a proportion of our sales each month.

Every time a customer places an order with us, we plant a tree. One order = one tree.

You can follow our progress and find out much more about Ecologi and their fabulous eco-projects here