Seedlings Guaranteed!

Our plantable paper is no gimmick.

paper growing

We make plantable paper because we want to give a second life to greeting cards and paper goods.

We carefully select native seeds from quality local suppliers and all of our paper is meticulously made by human hands right here in the UK, using recycled paper pulp and water.

Each sheet of our paper is hung to air dry in the rafters of the mill, before being sliced and diced into cards and shapes, packaged and posted to you.

We test every single batch of paper in our office propagator, and if it doesn't grow, it doesn't go.

We have complete control of the entire making process and so it's easy for us to be blooming confident in the quality of our products.

However.. seeds are living things, and when seeds are involved, no-one can ever guarantee a 100% germination rate. So if you do struggle to germinate our products, let us know and we will happily send you some samples so you can have another go, free of charge.

Just email us at to let us know, and remember to include your order number.